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LONDON Estd 1838

Every piano is given 3 rough chippings follow by 3 fine tunnings before they leave the factory, so that the instrument stay in tune better and longer.

The highest quality felt (Royal-George) is used for the hammers and they are individually voiced by experienced craftsmen to bring out the best tonal resonance.
Quality and Precision Action
The new langer 80 action is the outcome of continuous research and development with piano manufacturers and is now fitted to many of the world's finest pianos.
Exclusive Inharmonicity Scaling
The interior of Model 112 Monarch has been meticulously engineered to provide true harmonics and depth of tone throughout the entire keyboard.
Pin Block
Multi-Laminated and waterproof German Delignit of compressed beech to grip pins more securely, provide more tuning stability and ease of tuning. Nickel plated tuning pins to eliminate rusting.

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