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Bringing Technology To Art
, the leader in music reproduction technology, provides superior player piano systems and elegant pianos of heirloom quality and lasting value.

Introducing the 228 CFX , retrofitable to virtually any acoustic piano.


  Now PianoDisc expands your possibilities even further with 228CFX. This innovative system plays 3.5" floppy disks, specially-formatted PianoCDs and can access PianoDisc's music storage system, Music Expansion.

  A Sampling Of Optional Equipment

The Symphony option provides full orchestrated accompaniment with your piano performance. Enjoy dynamic ensembles, like jazz combos, big band sounds or lush string quartets. Features of the Symphony option include 128 general MIDI sampled sounds, reverb and 32 note polyphony on this powerful 8MB sound card. Entertain yourself and guests like never before.

  TFT Record System
This option produces a faithful play back of your acoustic piano performance. PianoDisc's advanced patented Touch Film Technology provides recordings with 127 levels of expression per note. The TFT Record System is indispensable for learning and composing in the home, conservatory and / or recording studio. MIDI interface allows use with IBM and Macintosh software programs. The TFT Record and Symphony options together enable you to double what is played on the piano keyboard with user selectable sounds from the Symphony option. This dynamic accompaniment mode lets you play live piano selections with the accompanying instrument of your choice.

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