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ISO 9000
The OEM manufacturer of  Challen, C.Steinbert and Barratt & Robinson piano was the world's first music manufacturer awarded the ISO 9002 Quality System Certification (from TUV*). That means the manufacturer can guarantee, through third party verification, that their manufacturing process complies with a globally recognized international quality system standard.

The Challen, Witton & Witton, C.Steinbert and Barratt & Robinson pianos feature world class engineering from the new scales developed by Klaus Fenner and D. H. Dotzek, the international pre-eminent German scale designers. Years of development have produced uniquely matched scales of the pianos, providing a distinctive voice to each of these internationally recognized brands.

The OEM manufacturer of Challen, Witton & Witton, C.Steinbert and Barratt & Robinson pianos has been awarded the JIS, GD and the KS Awards for its pianos and special recognition for the excellence of its piano action with a separate JIS Award.

D.H. Dotzek

All C.Steinbert pianos are exclusively designed by these two world renowned german piano designers. Consultants to most of the leading german piano manufacturers their patented piano designs have won numerous international awards for technical superiority, reliability and tonal clarity and depth that rival even the costlier pianos of other makes.

GOLDEN EUROPE AWARD for Quality Paris France 1996

22nd and 23rd international Trophy for Quality Madrid Spain 1994 and 1995.

Golden Awards for the Best Trade Award Madrid Spain 1995

International Gold star for Quality

The British music Retailers Association Annual Award for Exellence 1995.

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